Manage customer communications
in times of crisis

The COVID19 Crisis Response Portal
for Insurers & Agencies

Innoveo is committed to helping you deliver an empathetic and compassionate response to your customers during these unprecedented times. We recognize that, at this time, insurers are being inundated with requests for information from customers. Innoveo’s Crisis Response Portal gives insurers the ability to deliver critical resources for their customers, on demand, and be responsive to customer needs. The insurer and agency customer will be able to directly access critical safety updates and COVID19 information, request policy reviews, claims assistance and business continuity plan updates.

Innoveo’s Crisis Response Portal is designed to provide your customers with direct access to:

  • Critical information, personal safety, risk mitigation and the tracking of Covid19
  • Government, Health agencies & Teladoc sites web links in one location
  • Tracking of Covid19 risks and loss information
  • Forms, claim, policy review, assistance and premium relief requests
  • Business continuity plan updates

We’re here to help!

Your job is to take care of your customers. Our job is to take care of you. To help you through the COVID19 crisis, we built the Crisis Response application in just days because that’s what we do. We’re the leading no code platform with specific insurance industry expertise. We wanted to ensure that you could do the right thing for your customers. We’re here for you. Together – we will all get through this.

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