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The Leading No-code

Turnkey digital platform for the SME broker market

The leading insurance agencies will integrate digital capabilities to achieve countless benefits, including improved customer experience, increased productivity, lower costs, revenue growth and profitability – for the agency and per agent.

With Innoveo eBro solution, Agency Owners are able to focus on strategic initiatives to maximize agency effectiveness and overall business performance, improve customer engagement, sales, and revenue growth, using robust analytics/AI to drive decision-making.

Digitization drives the strategic transformation of the agency business, leading to increased revenue per customer and per agent, resulting in increased profitability for the agency. It also facilitates expense reduction due to better performance measures and AI.

Most agencies benefit from EBITDA increases of at least 2x. The bottom line? Digitization pays for itself.

The Leading

Turnkey digital platform for the SME broker market

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Manage your agency through one platform

Innoveo eBro end-to-end platform gives agency owners the ability to manage their entire agency business through one platform.  Typically, agency owners have to implement multiple platforms to manage their business, which results in data being captured in separate silos, leading to inaccuracy. This makes it difficult to have a comprehensive overview of operations. With Innoveo eBro, all operations and data are in one platform. 

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Seamlessly connect insurer. Broker. Insured.

Innoveo eBro is a dynamic web-based platform that seamlessly connects B2B and B2C customers with the Broker and Insurer on one platform.  Tailored functional modules are designed to drive value for all, capturing the entire workflow from the customer to the insured through the application process, coverage proposals, policy bind and quote, renewals, claims processing and customer service.


Customizable. Configurable. Scalable.

Innoveo eBro is completely customized to the agency owner’s preferences and business lines. Product lines and insurers can easily be added and updated within 48 hours. Customer questions are 100% customizable with the ability to hide specific sections as needed.  This platform truly reflects your business operations. It’s drag and drop. Plug and play. As simple as that. Flexible, intuitive, and easy to use.

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Drive business decisions with advanced analytics

An added benefit to managing your business through one platform are the robust analytics to help drive critical business decisions. Innoveo eBro’s advanced analytics/AI means owners now have the ability to make decisions based on real time data; the insight to identify coverage gaps and market opportunities; and, an in-depth understanding of customers coverages and behaviors.

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Enhance the customer experience with omnichannel

Innoveo eBro’s omnichannel capabilities means agencies are able to offer customers 24/7 access, self-service customer portals and the ability to communicate with their broker in real time.  Customers will benefit from an enhance experienced that includes digitized onboarding, simplified policy renewals and expedited claims processing/filing.


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