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Time To Market

Innoveo Skye Business Canvas
Business Analysts use Innoveo Skye Business Canvas to build applications, products and workflows without the need of expensive IT resources, putting the power in the hands of business.

Pricing Rating
Define your pricing algorithm in a simple Excel file. Innoveo Skye interprets it and makes the calculation at a blink of an eye. Adding or updating pricing factors is as easy as changing an Excel file.

Multi-Channel Capabilities
All your business lines, agents, brokers and customers in ONE platform? Innoveo Skye lets you configure private and public channels and define which functionality is available to each one of them.

Enhance User Experience

Flexible Customization Forget pre-defined modules and hard-coded software. You decide which insurance products, which processes and which distribution channels should be included in your application.

Custom Built UI/UX Change the default look and feel by applying a simple CSS layer. Our in-house UI experts are happy to support you in designing the perfect look to showcase your brand identity.

Responsive UI Applications created with Innoveo Skye are automatically optimized to be responsive – ensuring your apps look great in every device: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Integrate With Anything

Need to integrate with a backend or external system? No problem! We work with your solution architects to evaluate the optimal way. Innoveo Skye eases the integration effort via direct call to endpoints, Innoveo Skye API exposure or middleware setup.

  • Payment Gateways Innoveo Skye provides several integrations with different payment gateways to enable processing one time or recurring payments.
  • Innoveo Skye APIs Innoveo Skye has a sophisticated integration layer, featuring standard mechanisms to synchronously (call or expose web services – SOAP & REST API) or asynchronously (import or export data) integrate with backend and third-party systems.

Analytics & Visualization

Reporting & Business Intelligence Using Qlik Sense? Innoveo Skye exports its DB and allows you to embed your reports within the application. Using another BI tool? Export Innoveo Skye DB and use it as a data source to build your reports.

User Behavior Analytics Analyze the behavior of your users to get insights on how to improve your products and processes. Use Innoveo Skye capability to connect with Tealium analytics for customized insights or easily integrate with Google Analytics.

Marketing CampaignsCreate and distribute marketing campaigns with Innoveo Skye. Easy to configure campaigns per product, channel, organization or user. It can be a discount campaign, additional coverages, you choose!

Advanced Tools

User Management Innoveo Skye User Management application lets you create hierarchies that best adapt to your organization structure. Set-up the permissions and authorization level to differentiate the functionality available to each user.
Marketing Campaigns Create and distribute marketing campaigns with Innoveo Skye. Easy to configure campaigns per product, channel, organization or user. It can be a discount campaign, additional coverages, you choose!
Multi-Language Need your application to be offered in different languages? Once your product is built in Innoveo Skye, adding additional languages is as easy as: export all texts to an excel, provide translation, import excel.
Document Printing Any document can be generated with Innoveo Skye. This enables you to create quote, policy, invoice documents, with the customized layout you need to reflect your brand identity.
Email Sending A new policy is created? Attach it in an email to the customer. A new referral is pending approval? Notify the underwriter. A new agent is assigned to the platform? Send him the credentials.
Free Text Search Define how data should be searchable in the application by your users (e.g. quote or policy number, customer id, status, etc.) and which actions can be performed (e.g. edit quote, bind, etc).