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The financial services sector, driven by fintech disruptions, is undergoing a major transformation of its traditional business model.

Not only are consumers demanding value added services and gamified user experiences but also superior services at competitive value.

This requires nimble, reliable and engaging technologies powering a comprehensive customer lifecycle journey from onboarding, eKYC to e-servicing.

At Innoveo, we fully understand these needs and we provide unparalleled solutions for digital and next generation banking experiences powered by our Innoveo Skye® no-code platform.

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With new entrants and differentiated offerings in the financial services sector, higher flexibility and agility is desired from business for accelerated and successful launch of new products. Be it introducing a crypto asset or a traditional banking product, Innoveo Skye® works fast and is very flexible to make it a reality.

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Our digital and next generation banking journeys are easily configured and provide smart and automated client on-boarding, secure access to customer vaults to safely store key documents, the ability to retrieve document data and a smooth integration of marketplaces pushing tailor made offerings of financial, investment and insurance products and services.



Risk assessments and insurance purchases for bank customers can be digitalized and seamlessly integrated with other banking operations for an immersive customer experience. Cross-selling and upselling offerings to protect bank customers have never been easier to create with a seamless integration of insurance coverages for individuals and SME businesses.



Journeys for HNI clientele at banks, family offices or financial institutions configured with Innoveo Skye® make seamless experiences for onboarding, risk profiling for optimal asset allocation and operations management. Secure compliance management by configuring or integrating KYC and fraud prevention requirements.



On board suppliers and create catalogs of products and services for your marketplaces. Integrate customer feedback and reviews from social feeds with your supplier base by extending Innoveo Skye® platform and enable the purchaser with a dynamic selection of products and services.



The Financial Services sector is embracing partnerships & marketplaces that demand simple, fast and flexible enablement of the integrations and interactions of different entities. Innoveo Skye® is the perfect enabler and a very effective orchestrator for the optimal build and performance of ecosystems.

Digital solutions in weeks.
Without writing a single line of code.

Innoveo Skye® is a no-code platform for non-technical users to configure and launch applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

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