OCR is here, the days of manual data input are numbered

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March 11, 2021

The long-awaited Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature has finally arrived to Innoveo Skye® with the newest, 7.36 release. With this functionality, your insurance applications can be configured to allow users to upload images of their IDs, passports, driver’s licenses or other, so-called structured documents when they need to put in their personal details, let it be a quote and bind process, a claim submission, or a motor insurance journey, for instance.


What are the major benefits of using our OCR feature?


Time efficiency


Normally, typing in someone’s name, date of birth, nationality, home address, document number, or the expiry date of that document can take up to 1-2 minutes, depending on how many of these inputs are required. With OCR your customers only need to upload a photo or scanned image of their document and Innoveo Skye® will automatically extract the necessary information and populate all the relevant fields in a matter of seconds, saving your customer’s precious time by digitizing the data collection process.


Less room for human error


Typos happen and sometimes we don’t notice them, with OCR this issue is no longer a factor. As a result, we can avoid the need for endorsing our policy, after realizing that our last name was misspelled. Since a substantial amount of policy endorsements are in fact to fix typos and other incorrect entries, this is a major advantage for customers and insurers alike.


Increased customer satisfaction


Reducing the time and effort needed to complete something is always a recipe for increased satisfaction for the customer. But that’s not all, as the decline in the number of administrative endorsements is also beneficial for your agents and ultimately: your business. If agents need to focus less on taking administrative endorsement calls, they can devote more time to other tasks, and customers with different needs will have to wait less when contacting a call center agent. A true win-win situation.



New OCR Feature in Innoveo Skye®


How does Innoveo Skye®’s zonal OCR work?


In order to enable your application to recognize certain document types and pull the data from them, you will need to create templates and configure them with the OCR attribute in the Innoveo Skye® Business Canvas.

Creating templates is easy, all you need to do is go to our web-based template creator and select the relevant fields to be included from a document, such as a passport. Once that is done and configured in the Innoveo Skye® Business Canvas, your application will be able to automatically process the uploaded documents in seconds, speeding up the entire procedure and minimizing the chance of human error.

If you are interested in exploring our Insurance Solutions in more detail, click here. You can also learn more about OCR in the Innoveo Skye® version 7.36 release notes and start using it right away to speed up customer data entry in your journeys and thereby increase your customer satisfaction.

Péter Orbán, Product Marketing Manager at Innoveo

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