Customer Success Stories: Now Health

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Zahir Sharif

Managing Director

Now Health International

Innoveo and Now Health’s engagement aims to disrupt the international health insurance market with an Omni-Channel platform that enables distribution across multiple channels and regions, using the Innoveo Skye no-code platform.


Now Health International wanted to expand its distribution model as part of the company’s digital transformation ambition, which meant being able to offer an online solution fit for purpose for intermediaries, agencies, affinity groups, bancassurance, direct business and beyond. As an international health insurer, they needed an omni-channel platform that would facilitate a multi-market, multi-product, multi-distribution model. Innoveo was able to meet this complex need, and the platform is currently under development and expected to be launch later this year.


The new platform will provide a complete end-to-end solution for Now Health, from the point of quote through to sale, renewal and even mid-term adjustment. The solution will enable differentiation of products and pricing across multiple markets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The Innoveo Skye platform will be integrated with Now Health’s proprietary systems to create efficiencies both for users and internally, creating a straight-through solution for new and renewal acquisition.


  • Accommodates multi-market, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-distribution
  • Straight-through quote to sale process
  • Facilitates complex mid-term adjustments, as well as renewals
  • Integrated with existing systems for a seamless user experience


International health insurance


Quote – Underwriting – Bind – Payment Gateway – Backend Integration – Renewal – Mid-Term Adjustment – Cancellation