Customer Success Stories: Vlot

What do they say about us?



“Innoveo helped us to transfer our startup business idea into a functional platform prototype.”


2017- Sandro and Daniel, vlot founders, had a great business idea to enter the insurtech market but no technical expertise to implement it.

Hiring IT professionals or an IT company would be expensive and time consuming, so an alternative was needed.

Informed by the new trend of no-code platforms, vlot founders contacted us to evaluate Innoveo Skye as a possible solution. A couple of meetings later, excited by the features we presented, such as the calculation engine easily manageable and layout customization, collaboration started.


With Innoveo’s support, based on the modular configuration, very soon the first vlot functional prototype application was built. The insurance expertise from Innoveo and the team cooperation were highly appreciated.

A team of 2 business analysts configured the demo vlot application – a platform that assesses the risk coverage of individuals and families with the goal of enhancing coverage in order to close any identified gap.

Insurers need to move upstream and be present specific life events and decisions. Initially focusing on biometric risks, vlot provides easy access to a holistic assessment of state and employer related social security benefits. The vlot platform then maps consumer needs to a flexible risk coverage – on day X, but also a lifetime long: constantly capturing relevant life events and instantly transferring those into a meaningful adjustment of a chosen coverage level.

One of the main advantages of Innoveo Skye was the easiness of setting up and adapting the assessment algorithm in a simple Excel – business people not trained to develop applications in Skye could adapt the algorithm anytime and simply upload it to the platform so that the changes were applied immediately.


Innoveo enabled vlot to build a demo prototype solution that was successfully presented at Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) in Amsterdam in May 2018