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Application Configuration

Innoveo has delivery centers around the world to support our customers. Our experienced teams of business analysts work alongside your business lines to deliver high quality applications fast.

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As a no-code platform, simple and easy to use for non-technical users, you can also choose to learn how to develop and maintain your applications in-house.


Look & Feel Customization

We do not just build functional platforms for you. Our UI experts can advise on how to bring the best user experience and beautiful applications that reflect your brand identity.

R&D and DevOps

Never stop improving

Innoveo Skye is being continuously enhanced from a functional and technological standpoint, rapidly responding to market and technology changes.
As a customer, you can expect to see a new version of our software every single month, a feat made possible by our Agile product development approach.


SaaS solution

Innoveo Skye is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
It includes Innoveo Skye Business Canvas license, setup and monitoring of the infrastructure needed to ensure the scalability, availability and performance of the application.


Digital solutions in weeks.
Without writing a single line of code.

Innoveo Skye is a no-code platform for non-technical users to configure and launch applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

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